Dianna and Ryan are getting married next year at the Wyndham Grand Chicago and I can't wait.   They're my type of people...at our consultation, which lasted all of 5 mins, I tried showing them work and asking them what they were looking for and they said "we're not really sure, and we don't have much time.   We have to get to another appointment".     Most people would think that's a bad sign, but I knew we'd be working together.   Sure enough, a few weeks later, here we are shooting an engagement session!   

We spent a day walking around Lincoln Park and Lakeview, mostly looking for good light before ending up on the lakefront for some twilight shots.    They picked up fast on the posing basics we worked on, which isn't surprising considering they're both doctors.   

Here's a sneak peek of the session.    Hope you enjoy!     Look for more of these two next summer.