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Introducing Cinema!

New website....check.    New work....check.    New gear...check.    New blog....wait, what?   Wow, we don't have a blog yet?    Well, it's time to remedy that!  

This year has been very eventful for us at Zulufoto.   We're very excited to announce the launching of full service videography this season (or Cinema, as we like to call it).   It was a huge undertaking and many hours of sweat and tears went into creating a portfolio that we could be proud of.   

The genesis of this was simple.    We do alot of cinema work with my commercial business (check out if you're interested in learning more about that), and we shoot alot of weddings as a photographer, but never cinema weddings.   It seemed like a natural progression to venture into the world of wedding cinema.   So after a ton of research, shooting a bunch of events, attending full training courses and talking with industry professionals, we jumped right in build up this segment of the wedding business.   

So take a moment to view our work (see that tab for wedding cinema up there on the top? that), and we have lots more coming!    Leave a comment and let us know what you think.