IT goes by in the flash of an eye...

Today it's about you.    It's your story and there are no do-overs.   Tell it with emotion.   Show it in motion.     

your day set in motion

Adding cinema to your wedding?    Look no further.    Zulufoto is proud to offer a full range of cinema options for your big day!    We use DSLRs, not camcorders, for all of our wedding film coverage.   Why is this important?    While camcorders serve their purpose, they are generally used in more traditional, documentary style videos.   They tend to be cheaper to purchase and operate and usually are associated with budget-oriented video studios.  

DSLRs have major advantages in low light and the use of interchangeable lenses allow for that beautiful shallow depth-of-field you see on the Silver Screen (that cinematic focus with blurred backgrounds and rack focusing from different subjects in a single scene).  

Furthermore, DSLRs allow for 24 frames per second when filming (which is what the blockbuster movies you love are filmed at), while most camcorders record 30 frames per second (which is what a home movie is filmed at).   The results are that you end up with a much more pleasing film using DSLRs.  

What’s the difference between cinema and videography?    With videography, the goal is to film the wedding in a documentary style.   They cover what happened just how it happened and in the order it happened.    But with cinema, the goal is to tell a story.   Your story.   With cinema, we are looking for emotion and what makes you unique.   We might tell your story from end to beginning, or we might start in the middle and fill in the pieces.   This is referred to as “out-of-time editing”.   Each person’s story is unique and each wedding film we produce is unique as well.   We blend compelling audio & strong visuals to produce a beautiful, emotional film of your day.   

Clients interested in both photo and video through Zulufoto enjoy benefits not found elsewhere.   First, you work with one team for both services and that’s one less thing to worry about with your planning process.   We manage both teams and deliver consistent results across the board.    You’ll also get a well-coordinated day-of experience, with both teams working toward the same goals.   And as a result, you’ll also get the maximum value by enjoying built in savings with one bundled package.  

At the end of the day our goal is to make you look fabulous, shed a tear of happiness when you see your photos and films for the first time, and refer us to all of your friends!